Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Meter

Why You Choose Our Product?

* ✅【smart device】can be used at home or outdoors. help you monitor your baby’s heartrate.
* ✅【LED display】basic items are with LED display,customers could also opt TFT,blue tooth function.
* ✅【High sensitivity】0 radiation, convenient measurement (low power, 0 micro radiation, high performance)
* ✅【Two Listening Modes】 Built-in speaker with volume control ,Earphone and speaker are feasible.
* ✅【wonderful gift】It is a wonderful gift for the pregnancy.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 6 cm



Baby Heart rate monitor

Working Frequency

2.5 MHz,Custom

Ultrasonic Output Power

Iob≤10 mW/cm2

Audio Output Power

er: ≤1.0W



Details about Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Meter

Fetal Doppler Ultrasound Baby Heartbeat Detector Home Pregnant Doppler Baby Heart Rate Monitor Pocket Doppler

I. Introduction
– Explanation of fetal heart rate monitoring during pregnancy
– Brief overview of how a Doppler fetal heart rate meter works

II. Components of a Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Meter
– Description of the device’s physical appearance and components
– Explanation of how ultrasound waves are used to detect fetal heart rate
– Importance of transmission gel for optimal performance

III. Benefits of Using a Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Meter
– Non-invasive way to monitor fetal heart rate during prenatal care
– Provides reassurance to expectant parents about fetal well-being
– Allows healthcare providers to identify potential issues early on

IV. Precautions and Considerations
– Importance of proper training and experience in using the device
– Risks of relying too heavily on fetal heart rate as a sole indicator of fetal well-being
– Limitations of Doppler technology in assessing overall fetal health

V. Comparison with other Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring Methods
– Overview of other methods, such as auscultation and electronic fetal monitoring
– Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of each method

VI. Conclusion
– Recap of the benefits and limitations of using a Doppler fetal heart rate meter for monitoring fetal heart rate during pregnancy.

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