Electric Oxygen Concentrator Machine

What can it bring you?
.Relieve the pressure on the brain
.Relieve the working pressure
.Household health care
.Oxygenating for physical exercise

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 29 × 13.7 cm



Electric Oxygen Concentrator



Details about Electric Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Functional Characteristics

Intelligent control: LED screen, timing function, convenient to use, easy to operate.

Overheat protection: The pure oil-free compressor is equipped with a thermal protector. When
the working temperature of the compressor is too high, it will automatically stop working to give
better safety of the compressor and the whole machine.

Negative oxygen ion: Oxygen production simultaneously releases healthy negative ions,
which can improve ventilation better and enhance oxygen absorption rate. Complementing the
oxygen-producing function, it can enhance the immunity of the body, improve brain vitality and
cardiopulmonary function, and improve the quality of sleep.

Application: The product is designed according to the standard of household appliances,
which can be used for home supplementation.

Health function: By oxygen inhalation, the body’s oxygen supply can be improved to achieve
oxygen-reinforcing health care. Applicable to middle-aged and elderly people, poor physique,
pregnant women, students and other people with different degrees of physiological hypoxia, can
also eliminate fatigue after physical or mental energy consumption, restore physical function.

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