Electronic Automatic Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 8 cm






Power Supply

4*AA battries, usb charge


Upper Arm

Details about Electronic Automatic Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor

Measurement method: upper arm type

Display mode: LCD digital display

Measurement method: oscillometric method

Measuring range: Pressure measuring range: 0~299mmHg (0~39.9kPa)

Pulse rate: 40 to 240 beats/min

Accuracy: Pressure: within ±4mmHg (±0.5kPa)

Pulse: allowable error ±5 %

Pressurization method: pressure pump automatic pressurization

Exhaust method: automatic rapid exhaust

Pressure detection: semiconductor pressure sensor

Storage capacity: 60 sets of measured values

Battery life: high-performance alkaline dry battery can be used about 300 times [at room temperature of 23 ° C, each pressurized to 190mmHg (25.3kPa) conditions]

Since the attached dry battery is only for trial use, it may be used less than 300 times.

Measurable arm circumference: 22 cm to 32 cm

Dimensions: 123.3*100*73.5mm

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