K3 Pro Digital Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer Forehead
.Quick Measurement
.High Accuracy
.Alarm Function
.Long Time Standby
.℃/℉ Unit Avaliable
.Data Output

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 17 cm



Non-Contact Wall Mount Industrial Digital Thermometers

Measuring Distance

5 ~ 10 Cm

Infrared Measuring Range


Response Time


Details about K3 Pro Digital Infrared Thermometer

K3 Pro advantages
1. Non-contact, no need to hold, to avoid cross infection.
2. Using new chip, the induction time is faster (0.5s), the pass rate is greatly improved (50 people
3. High measurement accuracy:±0.2 (34~45℃)
4. With warning light for detection failure and abnormal .
5. Can be connected to USB power supply, charging treasure, 4 AA batteries.
6. High-definition LCD display, 5 meters viewing distance.
7.Intelligent photosensitive measurement instrument, can be Nail hooked/bracket fixed, etc.
8. We have opened up new markets beyond measurement instrument and thermal imaging
measurement doors
9. Can be applied in different occasions. Office/Subway/Family/Superstore/Shop/
Community/Entrance etc.
10. Support real-time data export function and data query function when connected
to computer
11. Supports storage function, storing 30 sets of measurement data
12. Support IO signal output, switch signal / pulse signal
13. Support setting five levels of volume
14. Support setting backlight switch
15. Support to set the upper limit of 37-38℃ alarm
16. Support voice broadcast, body mode broadcast: “normal” “abnormal”. Surface mode
broadcast: measuring data
17. Photosensitive distance sensor, under non-strong light, supports outdoor measurement,
better than ordinary sensor
18. Continuously refresh the measured environment and display it continuously on
the screen
19. Support automatic standby and shutdown state, ultra-low power consumption value

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