Mini Golden Quantum Body Analyser Magnetic Resonance Machine

The advantages of hand infrared detection technology are as follows:
1. Operational safety:
2. Dual octa-core processing chip.
3. High sensitivity: no direct contact with the equipment, so the operation is very safe. The system runs faster, more smoothly and more efficiently. The detection sensitivity of modern infrared detectors to infrared radiation is high and the resolution of temperature is very high, which can be used to monitor and diagnose subtle changes.
4. High diagnostic efficiency: since the response speed of the infrared detector is as high as nanosecond, the infrared radiation of the equipment can be quickly collected, processed and displayed, and the efficiency of monitoring and diagnosis of the equipment can be greatly improved.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 5 cm












Details about Mini Golden Quantum Body Analyser Magnetic Resonance Machine

Product Name: Mini size health screening machine quantum resonance magnetic analyzer bioresonance machine
Model No. : WF-QA29
Function: Sub-health detection
Color: Gold
Type: Bio-Separation System
Reports: 54
OS: win7,win8,win10,win11
Language: English, Spanish, French,Malaysia, Korea, Romania, Portuguese, German, Indo, Polish, English+Chinese+Malaysia,Thail,Hungaria, Chinese+English+Malsysia (amway), Serbia
Accessory: Main machine,USB key,hand sensor, USB line,a nice bag, CD software, manual
Accuracy: About 90%
Advantage: Whole body disgnose
Available: Home,Clinic,Hospital,Gym,SPA club, Beauty Salon; Health center
Warranty: One year
Certification: CE

Meta Descriptions:
1. Discover the potential of quantum technology with a non-invasive quantum analyzer for accurate health assessment. Learn how quantum magnetic resonance analysis can help you optimize your health and wellness.

2. Uncover the principles of quantum physics behind quantum magnetic resonance analysis and how it can revolutionize health assessment. Find out how quantum analyzer works and what you can expect during a scan.

3. Balancing your energy field can lead to optimal health. Explore how a quantum analyzer can help you identify imbalances and restore your energy flow for a healthier you.

4. Take a deep dive into your body’s inner workings with a quantum analyzer. Explore the benefits of meridian analysis, chakra balancing, emotional analysis, and stress analysis for your overall wellness.

5. Energy medicine can provide an effective alternative to traditional medicine. Find out how a quantum analyzer can help you harness the power of frequency therapy, biofeedback, and energy field analysis for total wellness.

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