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What is the reason for the sudden increase in blood sugar?

1. The sudden increase in blood sugar may be due to the intake of too many high-calorie, high-sugar foods in a short period of time, which causes the accumulation of calories and sugar in the human body, causing the blood sugar in the body to increase, leading to a sudden increase in blood sugar.

2. It may also be because the human body goes through a state of insufficient blood sugar supply, and certain secretory organs in the body secrete glucocorticoids and make the body feel hungry. It should be noted that only insulin inhibits the increase in blood sugar, and most of the other organs secrete glycogen.

The best way is to regularly monitor the blood glucose level in the body. The monitoring tool recommends blood glucose meter, one-key operation, simple and convenient, regular monitoring, early detection, early control and early treatment.

How to Use Blood Glucose Meter /  Suager  Test Monitor ?

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