Fetal Doppler Prenatal Safety Use Baby Heart Monitor

Baby Heart Monitor is mainly used to detect the fetal heartbeat rate (FHR) and the sound of the fetal heartbeat (SFH). The growth and development of a fetus can be found out through examination of these indices. It is applicable for department of gynecology and obstetrics and clinic daily.
The Product is a pocket, portable, detector. It is designed to meet your detecting and hearing needs by providing advanced detecting functions and a full range of sound of the fetal heartbeat.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 8 cm



plastic, ABS


White with pink

Working Frequency

2.0 MHz





Details about Fetal Doppler Prenatal Safety Use Baby Heart Monitor

Household Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Monitor

1. Switch between two measurement modes of digital curve at will

2, OLED display, clear reading

3, integrated design, streamline appearance

4, portable, easy to use

5. It has signal strength display function to facilitate users to find measuring points

6, autocorrelation algorithm, 12 weeks can be measured fetal heart rate

7. Adopt the same DSP technology and fetal heart rate algorithm as the fetal monitor to ensure that the monitored fetal heart rate is accurate and reliable

8. Pulse ultrasonic doppler working mode, single chip high sensitivity probe, 2MHz working frequency, ultrasonic dose is far lower than the national safety standard, so it is safer to monitor the fetus

9. Two no. 5 (AA) batteries can work continuously and shut down automatically without signal for 1 minute

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